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A grand opening event – July 31, 2016 –

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We’re throwing the grand-opening event on the 31st, July.

The newly renovated 80 year-old house in Shishigatani, finally came to the completion of work.


1.  If you’re interested in becoming our housemate,

2.  If you’re looking for some space to rent at the reasonable price for business or classes etc.,

3.  If you have any questions regarding renovating houses,

or if you need the professional consultation or the innovative solutions for vacant property etc., and

4.  If you’re internationally social person who wants more action,



Date : 31th July (Sun) 7/31

Time : 11:00 – 15:00

Place : 19 Goshonodan-cho, Shishigatani Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-city



We’ll prepare:

*Homemade UDON

*Homemade Italian / New York style PIZZA

*Drinks(beers, softdrinks).

→It all costs around ¥1,000.



○From Shijo Kawaramachi (四条河原町) :

→Bus #32. → Get off at [Minamida-cho](南田町)

→Bus #5. → Get off at [Kinrin shako-mae](錦林車庫前)


○From Kyoto Station (JR京都駅):

→Bus #5. → Get off at [Kinrin shako-mae]


○From Keihan Sanjo (京阪三条):

→Bus #5. → Get off at [Kinrin shako-mae]


□A five〜ten-minute walk from each bus stop (to the east).


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